Fury F3 Flight Controller

Fury F3 Flight Controller

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  • Standard 36x36 Board (30.5x30.5 mounting) 

  • STM32F303CCT6: 32-Bit, 72MHz, 256K 

  • 3 hardware serial ports. 

  • USB VCP (can be used at the same time as the serial ports). 

  • 4 PWM outputs (dedicated for quads). 

  • Dedicated 3.3v regulator for external devices/Spektrum (up to 500mA) 

  • Dedicated PPM/SerialRX input header pins. 

  • Dedicated SPEKTRUM adapter port. 

  • Dedicated I2C headers. 

  • MPU6000 SPI Acc/Gyro 

  • Blackbox Support, On-Board MicroSD Card Support 

  • Voltage monitoring (built in Voltage divider) 

  • Current monitoring (additonal sensor required) 

  • RSSI monitoring 

  • Buzzer Connector 

  • LED Strip Connector 

  • SWD Port 

  • Direct mounting option for a Pololu switching regulator for up to 6S lipo operation. 

  • Official Betaflight Support 

What makes a FuryF3 different then every other flight controller on the market?   

  • The "F3" part in the name means that is uses a F3 processor, which is faster then a F1 processor found in Naze32 variants. 

  •  The MPU6000 gyro is one of the best gyros for multirotors due to its noise tolerence, better then the 6500, and the 9250.  There is no need to "soft-mount" this controller to avoid noise issues.   

  • The "SPI ACC/Gyro" is faster then the I2C interace found on other boards, such as the DODO and SPracingMini. 

  • The on board SD card allow for hours of logging to help troubleshoot bad motors, or ESC's! 

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