Reaktor PDB/OSD For Alien 5" & 6" (KISS)

Reaktor PDB/OSD For Alien 5" & 6" (KISS)

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Finally, a PDB with MinimOSD compatible OnScreenDisplay generator, current sensor, and voltage regulators for your Reaktor or Alien frame (5" and 6" only, 4" frame not supported).  This PDB provides filtered 5V and 10V* to power your Camera, Video Transmitter, Flight Controller, and any other electronics you may have. 

JST connectors fee ESC signals and power to your Flight Controller, Receiver, Camera, Video TX, etc. Choose the JST pigtail option for your installation (KISS FC, Other FC, or Both).  KISS FC option includes solder-free solution to connect to your KISS Flight Controller. 



OSD compatible with MinimOSD

JST assemblies to connect to flight controller and flash OSD
4 - M3 Press Nuts
XT60 Male Connector


130Amp current sensor
Voltage Sensor
RSSI Sensor input from RX
MinimOSD compatible, flash with your choice of MWOSD, KVOSD, etc


10-26v (3s-6s)


5V @ 1.5A
10V* @ 1.5A


4 layer board with 2oz copper
Supports >120A
Weighs ~19.4g w/press nuts and pig tails


PDB/OSD Diagram

* 10V was selected to keep clean, regulated, and filtered power provided.  When input voltages fall below 13.5, the regulator cannot maintain 12V.  10V is assured under these conditions. 

 ** A donation for each board sold will be made to the author of MWOSD to support future development of the OSD software.

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