Saturn Titan-XS 140mm

Saturn Titan-XS 140mm

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The 140mm Little Brother

An incredible amount of success transpired from the Titan-X 225. The brand has grown along with its satisfied customers. To continue to bring you these machines we have collaborated again to create a stretched 3" monster with similar characteristics as its successful big brother the Titan-X 225.


The Titan-XS is one of the most open component, and versatile 3" available. You will be able to use most, if not all of your regular electronics you are comfortable with. We did not however design the Titan-XS to fit full size VTX's such as the FX799, Hawkeye, or other large sizes. Although those will work by all means, the Pod design was structured around a switchable Micro VTX that fits perfectly behind the FPV Camera and has a UF-L antenna to allow for flexibility in the FPV Camera Angles. You can pick one up here!

**Pre-Orders will come with the feet at no additional cost, a Saturn Multi Rotor key chain and free battery strap! If this text is still here this offer stands.


What is "SO" Awesome About It??

We took the time to consider all of your critiques on our Saturn ION 3" We think you will like what features we were able to incorporate with the Titan-XS.

  • 55� ° Stretched X Layout in a compact 3" configuration
  • Availability for PIKO (20x20mm) or a full size component configuration at 45� °
  • 1.5mm Battery plate separate from the base plate. Removes the impact stress from the weight of the battery away from the main frame. Also allows for easy battery strap replacing by loosening two screws.
  • Full size FPV Camera mounting! HS177 Style, including the RunCam Swift, and others.
  • Interlocking FPV Camera angles...25, 30, 35, 45, 55� °
  • 3.0mm Quasi Carbon Fiber single piece base plate
    • What is Quasi?? Most Carbon Fiber weaves are stacked at 0� ° and 90� °. Quasi Carbon Fiber weaves at 0� °, 45� °, and 90� °. Pictures are worth 1,000 words so check it out below!


Why the Price Tag??

When you purchase a Titan-XS or any Saturn Multi Rotor Frame you aren't just getting a carbon frame with some hardware in a sandwich bag, left without instructions or support. This goes above and beyond a "frame kit." You will have actual solutions to mounting important components such as the FPV Camera, VTX Antennas, and RX Antennas. All kits are uniquely packaged and shipped; you will feel like you are opening a Christmas present when you receive your frame. We have a full assembly instruction manual (see bottom of page) with detailed step by step instructions on proper assembly. We are here for you to answer any questions and even recommend the best electronics setup.

What's included??


1x - 3.0mm Base Plate

1x - 1.5mm Battery Plate


1x - 30mm Rear Standoff

2x - 25mm Front Standoffs

1x - 10mm M3 Aluminum Screw

2x - Stainless Nyloc Nuts

2x - 12mm M3 Stainless Screws

3x - 10mm M3 Stainless Scews

3D Accessories

4x - Semi-Flexible TPU Feet.


Extra Accessories

You can find the extra accessories for the Titan-XS, as well as replacements parts and items other designers have created for the frame in the Saturn Multi Rotors Category.

PID/Tuning Information

Coming Soon!


Assembly Log Available Soon!

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