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The most popular, most powerful video transmitter on the market just got a "bigger" brother. It can be connected directly to up to 6S of battery-juice and do 5V output for your camera. It will filter the power and make sure you get clean video, even without being connected to a TBS CORE or TBS PowerCube. With a brand new active output power monitor, we ensure that you'll always meet the race requirements, while giving you the best possible picture. 

With only 7g and a 31x22x6mm form factor, your quad will barely notice it's there. The 25mW - 800mW adjustable output power allows you to race with friends and penetrate serious concrete with just a few pushes of a button. The 40CH coverage gives you the freedom to fly at any race without having to resort to video transmitter swapping practices (*).

Zero interference even while powered up, it's now a possibility! If you've ever repaired a quad during a race, you'll know the frustrations of not being able to power on and test your system. With PitMode, we will reduce the output power to a bare minimum (way below single digit mW's), and move to frequencies unused by race organizers, to allow you to power up your quad and still see the image! You've got a few meters of range to put your quad through its paces before placing it on that starting grid, and in combination with CleanSwitch you can power on as soon as your channel is available without interrupting any of the active channels. 

SmartAudio technology provides UART and I2C control for your entire video transmitter. Parameters such as output power, bands, channels and frequency can be freely controlled. This enables remote channel control directly from a smart device (TBS Crossfire, external bluetooth or wifi module required), from your radio (TBS Crossfire with TBS Tango or OpenTX compatible remote required), or from the OSD (e.g. TBS CORE PRO). With all these options available, you ought to find something that fits your bill. Together with CleanSwitch, the sky is the limit ... jump between channels without interfering fellow pilots in air, create backup-/emergency-frequencies, global VTx power adjustments by race organizers or other clever systems aimed at streamlining and improving race management are now a possibility!

CleanSwitch is a technology developed at TBS that will ensure that your video transmitter is interference-free while powering on, or while changing channels. All current video transmitters swipe across the entire band while being powered on, often resulting in flickering and heavy interference to anyone in the air, regardless of video channel chosen. TBS CleanSwitch will allow you to power on and change channels while your buddies are in the air, without any external interference. CleanSwitch is race friendly, and pilot friendly ... that's how we like it at TBS :)

Even though learning binary was a fun mind-game, in practice a single-push-button or OSD-controlled video transmitter is just much easier to operate. Gone are the days of video transmitter cards, stepping on people's channels by mistake, or a mismatch between your goggle and video transmitter frequencies. 

Operating Voltage: 2S - 6S
Supply current: up to 600mA
Operating Temperature: watch for normal airflow
Audio carrier Frequency: 6.5 MHz
Video Input Impedance: 75 Ohm
Weight: 5g (with SMA, without antenna)
Antenna Connector: SMA Female Socket with screw mounting holes
Video Format: NTSC/PAL
Output Power: 13dBm (25mW), 23dBm (200mW), 27dBm (500mW), 29dBm (800mW*)
TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8 HV Video transmitter
Video Transmitter / Camera / Power cable
TBS UNIFY Pro Manual
* HAM license is required for operation on HAM channels, and HAM power levels! The VTx ships with only legal channels enabled, please consult the manual on unlocking procedure.

The use and operation of this type of product in the USA and many other countries may require a license and some countries may forbid its use entirely. In the USA, you will need a "HAM" amateur radio license. Learn more about HAM licenses, and find a HAM license exam session in your areaIt is your responsibility to ensure that the use of this product meets the requirements imposed by your government's rules and regulations for RF devices. Do not purchase this product if you are unsure of the government requirements or are not able to comply with them. Pirofliprc cannot be held responsible for your actions if you purchase and/or use this product in violation of your government's regulations. By agreeing to our terms and conditions during the check-out process, you also agree to have read and to understand this notice.

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Perfect VTX
Fantastic VTX, havnt tested its absolute limits yet, but working beautifully so far. Pretty much using it only @ 800mW though, also, if your quad needs a nut for your VTX, this one does NOT come with one, No washer, No nut,(bulkhead) i had to order one online, which was a hunt all of its own.
Did you find this helpful?  2 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Chicago. on 9/7/2017
5 Stars
First of all! The people that run and work at Pirofliprc are top notch, first class and simply best in the business! This is my first TBS product and I'm amazed I haven't taken it out of 25mw yet? This 25mw is as good as all my 200mw transmitters!
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Louisville, Ky.. on 8/2/2018
5 Stars
Drone Boss
My go-to VTX. There is simply nothing better out there in terms of performance, design and flexibility.
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Dubai. on 2/7/2018
5 Stars
Best VTX period
The one and only! Best in size, performance, video clarity, input voltage (plug 6S directly), smart audio, wattage and features. Why bother with anything else?
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Corona. on 2/1/2018
5 Stars
The Gold Standard in VTX's
I compare all VTX's to the Unify. I think the V3 maybe more relevant nowadays just became it's smaller and most flight stacks have a BEC and or filtering but the Unify is absolutely legit. My only suggestions are probably in the works anyways but an LED readout would be nice and the new MMCX would be nice to try but that's debatable. Just recently I think it's found some competition but this VTX has been untouchable since it came out as far as consistency and sheer performance. No wonder they have so many followers.
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Dallas Texas. on 11/27/2017

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